Customised Cloth Printing

Make your school uniforms stand out with our professional printing services. Personalize your attire to showcase your school spirit. Celebrate cherished memories with custom printing for anniversaries and funerals. Preserve special moments on fabric to create heartfelt and unique gifts. 

Types of Materials That We Print

dekells cloth-ccsts

100% Polyester

This is a pure polyester material normally used for school uniforms.
>It comes out bright and colourful.
>It doesn't fade.
>It dries fast after washing.
>Light in weight.
>low heat resistance.

dekells cloth-tender care

Cotton-Polyester Blend

This material contains both polyester & cotton.
Used by schools and organisations. Similar to polyester,
>it prints bright and colourful.
>It doesn't fade.
>It dries fast after washing.
>Heavier than 100% polyester.
>Good heat resistance.

dekells NIA cloth

100% Cotton Material

>High heat resistance
>Heavier than the other two materials
>Mostly used by religious groups, firms, colleges, funerals and occasions

The Printing Process

Six simple steps to get your job done and delivered.


We design sample soft copy fabrics mockups for you to choose from 

2.Sample Printing

The next step is printing of the chosen design sample. We present the physical sample to the client for examination

3. Payment For Job

A minimum of 50% deposit is required for the bulk printing start

4. Bulk Printing

After the sample design is approved . by the client, we begin with the bulk printing

5. Delivery

Client picks up the finished goods from dekells office or the necessary arrangements are made for delivery.

6. Inspection & Payment

The clients inspects the job and  completes the payment 

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